Frederico Morais Is Strong

Good surfing has many different aspects to it.

There’s airs, barrel-riding, turns, flow, style, etc., etc.

Some people take an all-around approach, while others choose to specialize in one area. Chip Wilson is an aerial artist. Bruno Santos is a god in the tube. Ryan Burch has incredible style and flow. And Frederico Morais is really, really strong.

Good rail surfing is hard to recognize without context, but if you put Fred’s surfing next to, say, Matt Banting’s, you’d see a big difference in board angle and water displacement. We can’t help but wonder when the Portuguese python will smash his way onto the CT, as there are a few waves in the season that he would absolutely dismantle.

Also, how’s the combo at 1:56? Can you say 9.67?