Gabriel Medina and Stepdad Charlie Talk World Title // 5:06

Gabriel Medina is an emotional competitor. He surfs with a supreme latin passion, he claims often, smiles some and has been known to weep on occasion. But rarely, if ever, is his emotion conveyed in speech. Young Gabe typically interviews with a poker face stronger than his pimp hand would be had he grown up in Compton under Snoop Dogg’s paternity rather than in Sao Paulo under Charles Serrano’s. And that makes sense; Charlie himself is more stone-faced than the Moai of Easter Island. So when Gabe and Charlie sit down with the ASP for their most candid interview to date -- a discussion of the world title and what it would mean to be Brazil's first world champion -- the Medina ménage has our undivided attention. Their comments may not surprise you, but the reality of Gabe's campaign as seen through their perspectives is strikingly heavy. The kid's got the weight of an entire nation at his back, and in turn, on his shoulders, and they talk about that a bunch here. But you won't find him weeping, at least, not yet. Not till Pipeline. And after Peniche, one can only speculate whether those will be tears of joy or sorrow.