Girl In Just A Shirt: Cameron Rorrison – Presented by SPY.

Presented by SPY.

Model: Cameron Rorrison
T-shirt: Insight, Rose Lips Tee

"Wait, isn't that the girl from Bali? The nugget we saw everywhere and just assumed was too hot to be single?"
"Did you finally talk to her?"
"Well yeah, kind of."
"Kind of?"
"Get this: I was boarding my flight to LAX from Bali and I see her on my plane. In her seat, on the aisle, looking at her phone. As I walked by I glanced down at her screen. And dude, she was on Tinder."
"F–k off."
"You know how you can set your discovery location to under a mile on Tinder? As soon as I sat down I did that, and two swipes later, there she was."
"And she'd already liked you?"
"Well, no. But through Tinder I found her Instagram and on Instagram I sent her a DM. A selfie from row 37A."
"No way. That actually worked?"
"Hell no! But a few swipes later I matched with the stewardess. We're going to dinner next time she's in town."