The Buzz: Director Joe Chesire isn’t just directing locally with his latest surf vid, he’s directing “globally.” Produced by Digital Wunderland, Global is an eclectic mix of epic footie from across the world — South Africa, Europe, Central America, the U.S. and Hawaii — starring a plethora of big-name rippers like the Irons bruddahs, Lopez Brothers, Hobgood brothers, plus Slater, Fanning, Parko, Morrison, Shane O, Taj, and Ben Bourgeois.

Get This: Although Global boasts an international perspective of surfing, the Wunderland promotion team is actually based on the East Coast, which explains why the vid features one of the Atlantic’s best secret spots firing during Hurricane Isabel.

According to The Mag: The African waves are the sickest part of Global for two reasons. One: there’s a bunch of different surfers during the segment, which gives the viewer a good variety of lines possible at Jeffery’s Bay. Second: most of the staff here are regular foots so we like to watch rights.

Heat Sheet: 8 out of 10 … Much props to the dudes at Wunderland for leaving out the unnecessary junk that’s usually between segments and packing in as much high-performance wave riding as possible. Furthermore the blend of different waves makes an intoxicating video for groms and heavies a like. Besides, any footage of Jamie ‘O Brien pulling in switch deserves a high score.

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Daniel Ikaika Ito