Google CEO Sundar Pichai Rides A Hypto Krypto, Maybe – I Think That’s What This Video Means?

I Think That's What This Video Means?

Sundar Pichai serves as the CEO at the Silicon goliath of Google. He also rides a Haydenshape Hypto Krypto, probably.

In the clip embedded above, Hayden Cox of Haydenshape surfboards talks about his relationship with google products. They are apparently very snazzy, much like Hayden’s hair and his templates. At its essence, it is just an elongated advertisement for Google. But outside of that, it’s basically proof that Sundar Pichai rides a Hypto Krypto.

I bet he surfs pretty smoothly, nice style, but a little bit lacking in the power department. Still, I’m sure he could beat Mark Zuckerberg in a heat. I bet Mark Zuckerberg surfs like shit. He probably rides a twin fin.