Gudang Bros Tag-Team Lowers

Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

Those three Gudang boys are up to their old tricks again! Tanner dropping’ hammers, Pat with some aerial antics, and Dane laying it on rail for all to see.

The best part about watching a Gudang edit is knowing how stoked they all are. If you’ve never surfed with them, just know that every time they regain the lineup, they’re the most talkative, humble, charismatic people you could ever come across. All three of them! They’ll decimate a wave, and on the way back out they’ll stop to watch a grom do a little tail slide on a one footer, throwing their hands in the air with excitement at the completion of the maneuver. And they don’t do it for attention or praise, they do it because they love surfing and they want people to be just as stoked as they are. And that’s really cool.