Hector Santamaria Just Stole All The Excuses

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Excuses were born in 60,000 BC when a Neanderthal faked like his ankle was sprained because he wanted to have some gross caveman sex with his cavewoman near the fire instead of going out to hunt with the boys. Excuses have lived a long and illustrious life since then but, sadly, they passed away at the age of 62,015 in Newport Beach, California yesterday. Cause of death: Hector Santamaria. Hector stomped two rodeo flips in waves that would have typically produced excuses like “looks a little bit weak” or “I don’t really have the right board” or “Wanna just get some food and chill instead?” And now, nobody has any excuses for not surfing well in small waves. You will be missed dearly, excuses. Especially in winter.