Hurley Team // Puerto Rico // 4:55

The Island of Enchantment, otherwise known as Puerto Rico, has been a sunny second home for East Coasters since before thrusters were a thing. It’s only a few hours flight from most of the coast, and airfare is incredibly cheap — Spirit Airlines will fly you there for like $50, but they’ll charge you some nonsense fee for bringing your feet onto the plane. Floridans Asher Nolan, Stevie Pittman and Kaleb Kirshenbaum coughed it up and went down to hang with Ricans Brian Toth, Chispa Torres and Jorge Martinez and the result is just beautiful. Stevie’s surfing is especially phenomenal. He’s got style, airs, power and everything else you’d never expect from a 13-year-old. That punt at 1:39? Woof. Brian Toth’s got the last section, which is perfectly fitting. BT annihilates it and, well, there is a reason why the man has a tattoo of a joker with a Puerto Rican flag on his lower back. It is pure love.