Hurley Youth : Dean Vandewalle

Belgium is probably a cool place to grow up, but not if you’re a surfer.

That’s why, when Dean was just a little boy, he moved the entire Vandewalle clan away from their native Belgium to somewhere warmer, somewhere with consistently fun waves. And is there any better place for this than Central America’s Costa Rica?

Honing his skills over sandy-bottomed skateparks, Deane learned quick that he had a real knack for the surfing. When he started traveling the world to surf, he became enamored with the tube and would do anything to get inside of one, including wearing prescription surf goggles to facilitate his poor vision.

In this clip, Dean visits the Kandui villas in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. He goes left and right and gets tubed nearly every time. Which is to say, Dean is a happy kid.