Clip courtesy of Westbound TV / Red Bull Content Pool

Ian Crane Just Got A 29-Point Ride In A Wave Pool

The first flood of images and videos from the Red Bull Unleashed contest at the Surf Snowdonia have been seeping into our inboxes and, I’ll be honest, it actually looks pretty awesome. My expectations were kind of low heading into this thing -- partly because I was skeptical of a wave pool contest, partly because it was called UNLEASHED(!!!). But they brought in a really impressive crew of surfers and isn’t it amazing how a talented surfer can make a wave that initially looked pretty meh seem suddenly great. Sure is.

Take, for example, Ian Crane’s 29 point ride. Hell of a wave there, Crane. But, I mean, a 29? I would have given it an 8.5 or a 9 at best. I thought we all agreed on saving the 29s for the next time Kelly Slater sticks his signature move? Ohhhh wait, they score out of 30. Guess we’re all just stuck down here on the 10-point scale with our leashes on and all.

But all heckling aside, this was a great wave by Crane. And the contest does seem cool. We’ll keep you posted if more good stuff happens at the Surf Snowdonia.