Ian Walsh Trains, Son!

They say that surfing is the best training for surfing and they are right if they include working out before surfing in their equation. Yes, your crotchety old grandfather was right. Nothing in this life comes easy. It takes work, son, and perseverance and a can-do attitude and up-before-dawn panache. Working out strengthens the core. It builds the shoulders. It makes a man look like a man and surf like a man. Not a little fairy ballerina. Ezia Human Performance in Carlsbad, California knows this and Ian Walsh, the chargingest charger around, knows this too. And so he goes into the gym and he does his working out and sweats. He rides bigger waves than you. It ain’t his genetic blessings. It ain’t his luck of the draw. It is his working out, son. His working out.

It hurts to be pretty, it really does. And it hurts to surf like a man. But the sun is almost up. You still have time. So put down your meatball Subway sandwich and get thee to a gym and get working out! Or just steal the workout you see here and get pretty. Get surfing like a man. Son.

Ian Walsh