Indo Done Differently

Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, and Tai Graham have spent a lot of time at Indo’s premier breaks.

They’ve done Padang, Deserts, Nias, etc. So last year, when the swell of the decade was set to hit the fabled archipelago, these three (plus a few friends) decided to try something different. They assembled an arsenal of watercrafts, a team of filmers, and as much bug spray as they could find and headed to a rumored locale on one of Indonesia’s infinite islands.

What they found was a big, long, scary left-hander that looked like Cloudbreak x Desert Point with a big closeout section at the end. They surfed it with reckless abandon, resulting in a slew of cuts, rashes, and infections but also a deep sense of satisfaction. Because they ventured and they gained. Because they chose to do something different.