Introducing Grom Games GoPro Series

Who doesn’t love a good grom beating?

Well, groms, maybe… but they don’t have a say in this. We took them to Bali so they will Dance monkey dance! at our every whim. We will deliver wedgies to those who refuse to abide. At least that’s what we thought would happen.

Turned out the groms had their own plans. They decided to overrule our perceived power us with countless dabs, milkshakes, and marathon sessions. They ran wild in the streets and ate a few too many candy bars. They got sick, a lot, and came back swinging with incomprehensible vigor. Basically, they reminded us that kids just want to have fun, and damn any rule that may hinder their hedonism.

GoPro put together a three-part series to detail all the crazy antics of our 2016 Grom Games trip. Let this trailer guide your intrigue.

Keep an eye out for the first episode dropping on 11/9!