In an effort to support an over-worked under-paid breed, the kind folks at Innersection invited five filmmakers to work on their latest project. The filmmakers traveled far and wide and probably worked too hard and got paid too little. But the fruit of their labor would be well worth it. Innersection Black is a sibling to a larger endeavor (more on that soon) and it is sure to be a hit. Black will be on iTunes sometime this month, then on DVD in November in conjunction with its top-secret big brother. The grapevine tells us that Albee’s section is worth the price alone.

STARRING: Albee Layer, Pete Devries, Josh Mulcoy, Alex Chacon, Raph Bruhwiler, Noah Cohen, Kaikea Elias, Gilbert Brown, Carlos Munoz, Leif Engstrom, Brett Burcher, Nic Von Rupp, Asher Pacey,

DIRECTED BY: Dan Norkunas, Adam Chilton, Ben Gulliver, Zack Hill, Jay Button, Adam DeWolfe, Damien Robertson, Saul Garcia, Calvin Knowlton, Joao Rito, Nat Lanyon, Toby Cregan

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Nathan Myers, Taylor Steele, Justin Heit, Andy Slipka