Introducing Nate Behl – The rise of a hellman

The rise of a hellman

I remember the first time I met Nate Behl. It was years ago in New Jersey, around a little contest called the Belmar Pro. He was just a kid — maybe 15 or so — and he streaked through the middle of a high school football practice.

Picture that: A bunch of beefcakes in shoulder pads standing around all confused, coaches scratching their heads through the open lids of their visors, some scrawny half-ginger kid from Florida darting across the grass wearing nothing but flesh. An interesting scene.

I learned something about Nate that day — he’s not afraid of anything. Whether it’s the opportunity to wag his pubescent genitalia across a field full of strangers or an impossible-looking double up, Nate will go. And he does go.

Nate’s 21-years-old now and has spent some serious time going. Here’s a collection from the few months he spent as a surf guide at Kandui earlier this year. Sorry we’re not sorry, 2009 Shore Regional football team.