This Irish Crew Is Stepping Up the Surf-Rescue Game

Those waves in Ireland sure are something!

Dark, deep water unloads onto a helpless chunk of rock, all against the request of the frozen winter gales. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, in fact it’s downright dangerous. That’s why, after watching friends get hurt, or worse — killed — for over a decade, Peter Conroy decided to do something about it. The fireman/EMT/surfer has spent the last 10 years learning and teaching methods of water patrol from the Irish Coast Guard and several other specialists in the area. With their help, he has built the Irish Tow-Surf Rescue Club, a group of big-wave riders who are well-versed in the practice of rescue and emergency medical care.

Over the last decade, this group has made countless saves at waves such as Mullaghmore, Ailleen’s and the like. Without Peter’s help, it is likely that significantly more people would have drowned in this area. We’d like congratulate Peter on his hard work and dedication, and on making a great little documentary about the whole thing.

Leading by example is a powerful virtue.