Ahh, yes – we’ve finally found our way to J-Bay. The perfect event to mark the middle of the season. It’s a return to the basics – the fundamentals of what we can (for the most part) agree on what is good surfing. It’s the leveling ground that will bring to light any flaws and adversely, flare that you may be hiding. And more importantly, it’s a damn near hypnotic sight to watch when pumping.

And pump it has.

The few days leading up to the J-Bay Open waiting period saw the classic, clean and frigidly offshore Jeffery’s conditions that we all envision when the right-hand point comes to mind. A few locals were calling it some of the best waves they’ve seen there in the past decade, while others were just calling it incoherent obscenities in between runarounds. But we’ll let you call it what you want after enjoying this two and a half minute montage of some of the finer warmups from John John, Conner and Seabass. Three regulars that we wouldn’t mind seeing much more of out there.

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