J. FLo Lets Loose

Jeremy Flores is an enigmatic character.

One day he’s smiling bigger than Kelly in a conspiracy theory convention, the next he is “shoo, shoo-ing” small children or yelling at judges.

Last year was a great one for Jeremy. With a win at Teahupo’o and a top 10 finish at the end of the season, he felt as though he was finally achieving on a level that suited his ability.

This year however has not been kind to Frenchy.

Sitting at a cringeworthy 31st place in the rankings, Jeremy displayed his displeasure most recently at the J-Bay Open. During his heat with Miguel Pupo, Jeremy felt slighted by the judges in the early stages of the heat and proceeded to fall off each subsequent wave, both punching his board and swearing at the heavens after each unsuccessful ride. It was not pretty.

This video shows a different side of the coin. Jeremy is scoring waves at home, getting tubed, laying tracks, and he seems… happy. A happy Jeremy is a ripping Jeremy, so for his sake and for ours we hope he gets happy again soon. And with Teahupo’o looming, I think there’s a fair chance we see a revitalized J. Flo come early August.