Jack Freestone on the Occ-Cast

I’ll be damned if these aren’t the two most agreeable people to ever have an extended conversation.

Jack Freestone in Occy go back and forth like a couple of Canadian tennis players — questions happily lobbed out by Occy, returns floating back over the net from Jack. It’s totally adorable.

Occy seems to get lost about half-way through the interview, seemingly running out of things to talk about, but Jack keeps it alive by turning the interview back on Occy. All the time the two can’t stop giggling.

No groundbreaking details were divulged in this Occ-cast, but it’s still worth a watch just on sheer entertainment value. Here are a couple highlight quotes:

– Jack on Snapper: I don’t even surf there.

– Occy on the Olympics: “If I won gold I’d bring it home and melt it and sell it”

– Jack on proposing to Alana: “I don’t knooow, I guess if I start seeing some signs I’ll do it.