Jake Kelley Flies High

Southern California has loads of good surfers.

About half the inhabitants of our inundated region grew up with aspirations of being a professional surfer. And while most of them failed, that didn’t stop them from getting really good in the process. That’s why on any given day at any given break in Socal, you can find a guy who surfs like he should be on the QS. At the very least he’d make the quarters in a Pro Jr.

With all of this talent around us, it’s easy for a few names to slip through the cracks. Take Jake Kelley, for instance. Sure, we knew about Jake, as he’s been around for a while, bouncing between his home in the Ventura region and the odd contest here or there. But he never really set himself apart from SoCal’s vast talent pool. Until now. This edit, CAKE, shows how springy and technical his surfing really is. He’s doing bigger airs than most guys on tour and he’s solid in the barrel as well. Plus, the last air was fucked up.

So welcome, Jake. You’ve made it.