Unless you’ve been living under a rock (specifically, a stone with no wifi, LTG, 4G or even 3G signal and no way to access Instagram), you already know that Peahi was jawing these past few days. It was the first big swell of the season and memories of when the place used to be a tow wave have almost faded. A crew of the world’s most hellish surfers gathered and they paddle-paddle-paddled in a Greg Long voice into bombs for two days straight. And while many got their fair share, two men in particular will remember this day for a while: Shane Dorian and Tyler Larronde. Shane, as seen above, kicked off his El Nino winter with a barrel big enough to drive Bede Durbidge’s minivan through. Tyler, as seen below, got sent to the bottom of the ocean and reaped the benefits of any/all freediving courses he’s invested. Both waves were immediately submitted to the Billabong XXL Awards — obviously for different reasons.