SURFING Presents: Jobless in Puerto Rico

Surfers have long been referred to as ‘bums’.

As defined by, a ‘bum’ is, “a person who avoids work and sponges on others”. I don’t know about all that spongin’ business, but I can’t name a single surfer who doesn’t avoid work in order to catch some tasty waves. That is unless they’re a pro surfer, in which case their work is to catch tasty waves. But that’s kind of a double negative.

The majority of the guys in this video are not professional surfers — at least not in the sense that they make a legitimate living from surfing. Yet they still dedicate their time, money, and bodies in pursuit of surfing. They neglect jobs, wives, and any and all responsibilities when they know the waves are a thumpin’. So if that’s how you want to define a ‘bum’, then we plead guilty.