John John Florence // Tahiti // 5:30

After releasing a jubilant short entitled Again John John Florence is back at it. This time in Tahiti, with & Again. As it opens, the protagonist shatters the still of a lagoon on his Jet Ski. We’ve not seen someone look that badass since the days of Kenny Powers. The directors (Blake Kueny and JJF himself) don’t make you sit through too long of an intro before the surfing begins. And when it does, wow. 30 seconds in, John John weaves through an impossible tube and recklessly spins himself onto dry reef — his style often gets in the way of being able to gauge exactly how hard something like that is. The clip continues with a perfect mix of airs, barrels and rail turns. Frankly, it’s some of the finest rail work we’ve ever seen out of John John. When all is said and done, you’ll feel like 5:30 was 5:30 too short and helplessly crave more. Seriously, if this level of surfing continues, we’re going to become one of those annoying toddlers who keeps on shouting again and again and again.