Jordy, Kolohe, Filipe & More // Southern California // 2:46

It’s here. Summer. South swell season. Southern California’s finest hour. During the first good run of swell, SURFING filmer Sean Benik decided not to show up to the office. As in, not at all. We weren’t sure if he quit or maybe fell into a sinkhole; we just knew he wasn’t here. Then, at the midnight of our worries, he triumphantly returned with this clip of Filipe Toledo, Yago Dora, Griffin Colapinto, Jake Marshall, Taylor Clark, Kolohe Andino and Jordy Smith enjoying an offering from the south. And wow. The whole production is full of A+ (see: RED Camera), but the ending sequence of Kolohe and Jordy going air for air at Salt Creek is a whole ‘nother ballgame. Frankly, it’s a summertime ballgame that’s actually fun to watch.

Additional footage from Jacob “The Guadalajara Grappler” Vanderwork.