Years ago, Jordy Smith wasn’t exactly a threat on the CT.

He was obscenely talented, sure, but he’d let that obscene talent get in his own way. Results were few. Video parts were many. It was a formula that worked at the time.

Then, something changed.

He shifted his focus. Two years ago, we put him on the cover and claimed him as our pick to win the 2014 World Title. The big interview inside that issue explained why.

But really, nothing changed.

The results still didn’t come. His surfing was there, but he made a lot of bad mistakes. It wasn’t Jordy’s turn. Neither was last year, as it was filled with injuries for the big man.

This year though, something feels different.

With the older crew of successful competitors maaaaybe getting too old and the younger crew hoooopefully being too young, he’s poised for the big podium in 2016. It all begins in a few short days at Snapper. And judging by this clip Jordy just put out — in waves that mimic the Goldy, no less — he’ll be off to a good start.

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