Kai Otton – Slab Hunter

Kai Otton is having a rough go on tour this year.

He’s made one heat in five events (he skipped Brazil), and it’s beginning to look like this could be his final year in the big leagues. But, there are two golden caveats to his otherwise dismal season.

1. Teahupo’o is coming. The Billabong Pro is one of, if not the best event on tour for Kai Otton. The skinny goofy-footer is an absolute magician in the tube, often riding over foamballs that could take down a full-size gorilla. A win at Chopes could completely change his fate.

2. Worst case scenario, he hangs with the fam and chases waves like the ones seen above. New South Wales is littered with incredible setups and it’s not uncommon to surf slabs like these all by yourself. Something tells me Kai would be A-ok with a 2017 retirement.