Kelly Slater Wants You To Join Him At The Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater, in his upwards-of-40 years, has carried a sort of wizard-like aura with him. Always seemingly hiding some new business venture, some new clothing project, or large surfboard manufacturer acquisition up his sleeve. He’s got the surf world’s equivalent to a midas touch at the moment and doesn’t look to be losing ambition anytime soon.

So when word (or video) caught fire that Kelly was starting a wavepool, we all wanted in. But it was top secret, undisclosed, and still very much “in the works”. But now, ladies and gentleman, there’s a tangible chance for you and a friend to win yourselves a two day trip to the freshwater promise land. Check the above video as part of Slade’s latest campaign with charity company Omaze for the full invitation. So break out your rabbit’s foot, cross your fingers, watch for ladders, and don’t you even dare step on a crack – because you’ll need all the luck you can get.