Kelly Rides The Banana At Cloubreak

I know what you’re thinking.

“Kelly is stupid and so are all of his stupid boards. He’s ruining my fantasy team, and frankly, my life.”

I understand you. I feel for you. You’re not wrong, but maybe you’re not so right, either.

While Kelly’s competitive woes only seem to increase, his endeavors¬†outside the singlet are still categorically righteous. He created the best wave pool, ever, by like a mile. He started a new line of boards which, truthfully, he hasn’t exactly ridden brilliantly this year, but at least Stu Kennedy stepped up and showed their worth. But here, in this video, we see exactly what Slater had in mind when he reinvented Greg Webber’s polarizing “Banana Board”.

Speedy, mid-sized Cloudbreak proved to be a perfect canvas for the endlessly-rockered epoxy design. Slater dips and dives, slashes and dashes, seemingly at will across cobalt Pacific walls. While he has proven that this board works, we can only hope to see waves of this caliber somewhere throughout the 2016 WSL season. Odds are it won’t be at Rio, though, so hopefully he gets on Stu’s program and puts the Sci-Fi to the test. If he even shows, that is.