Kolohe Andino // T Street, San Clemente // 6:22

Matt Biolos on the board Kolohe’s riding in what many would consider not-rideable surf. Kolohe went on to a quarterfinal finish in the Azores competition.

K-Lo [Kolohe Andino]: One session at T Street. Testing new boards the day before leaving to the Azores for a Prime event. Last year it was so small the event was canceled.

This is un-edited, raw footage (without music) of every wave he caught this surf. Trading between a 5’10 x 19″ x 2.25″ SubDriver “Grovel” and a 5’11” x 18.88″ x 2.25″ standard SubDriver, he puts on a veritable “how-to” for tiny-wave performance technique.

Can you tell which is the 5’10: and which is the 5’11”?

–Matt Biolos

Kolohe Andino