Kustom Team Scores Epic Aus

Living the SoCal summer life, days of waist high dribblers make you forget just how powerful the ocean actually can be.

This video portrays the polar opposite of our continual flat spell.

The Kustom team, consisting of Jay Davies, Harry Bryant, Beau Foster, and Shaun Manners followed a swell through South OZ, one that lit up beachies and slabs alike with a terrifying fervor. While the boys make it look like a good old time, it’s important to keep in mind that they are trained professionals, and on top of that they’re all Aussies, to whom fear apparently does not apply. It would be easy to say that you’d love to surf some waves like this after a summer of gutless south swells, but ask yourself this question: Would you go, truly? Would you put your head down and huck yourself over the ledge of an over-vert 8 footer?

Probably not. But it’s fun as hell to watch.