Hmmm. Kyllian Guerin — age 11 — surfing with style and grace. Which angle do we take here? The classic, hurr durr when I was 11 I was playing with dump trucks and digging holes and pretending I was a half-lizard-half-Stevie-Nicks? Or is it the durka durr everybody quit surfing because look at this 11-year-old route? Maybe the always exciting derpa derp 2025 World Champion! card? Nah, we’re good. Let’s just say that this is intrepidly impressive surfing from an adolescent. And, seriously, is he kidding with that soul arch at 3:41? How does he even know what that is? It’s like that annoying kid who talks about drugs and vaginas in 3rd grade. Everybody knows you have no idea what you’re talking about bro… or does he?