Last Ride | Subject Africa


Artwork: Taylor Scott Dunfee

Subject: Africa

Yeah, it sure would suck to all load up in a rad 4WD Land Cruiser thing with 10 boards strapped to the roof, in a country that has chicken-and-mushroom pies, mountains of cheap beer, small towns where no one speaks English, strange pubs, rugby, empty skylines as far as you'd care to venture, fear, the satisfaction of conquering that fear, climate zones, a peculiar thirst for Brandy, 200 proof liquor with f—king barbed wire on it, little traveling Swiss birds who wanna meet you, Euro-style discothèques, bribery, road beer acceptance, sessions that require a 4/3 the day after you got a tip rash while trunking it in your Phantoms, mountains, rivers, wine country, trains, tribal warfare (with spears), lunar sand dunes, flat tires, tube stations, pointbreaks of every persuasion, an amazingly developed shark-spotter system, jungles, slabs with no names and no takers, crystal blue water, the metric system, pub golf (I'll explain this in another e-mail), and best of all…no rules. Your best f—king friend in the world has been out here scouting. There's no visa required for three months and it's cheap as chips on the dollar. Reply soon and let me know if you're in. — Casey Severson

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