A film by Chris Gabriel; $25; 50 minutes; available at surf shops everywhere.

THE BUZZ: From tour-killers to free-surf chargers, more than a handful of the most unique and distinctive surf legends have made their turns with common blood in the water. Chris Gabriel explores the mysterious energy that turns kinship into the ultra duo of talent, with the Beschen’s, Curren’s, Ho’s, Slater’s and many other brothers.

GET THIS: The complete Andy and Bruce Lowers showdown footage: Round One of what’s to come.

ACCORDING TO THE MAG: With an eclectic form of talent, “Last Name First” never loses pace. A motley collection of music flies within a well-collaged frame of brotherly love and competition. Sometimes the interviews draw too far from the surfing, but if that bothers you too much, there’s always surf only mode.

HEAT SHEET: 8.4 A fresh video theme and footage that rains heaps of talented form and innovation. This film does not misfire. It pulls you in and makes mince of what you thought was high-performance surfing.

DISTANT COUSIN: Transmitting Live