Luke Davis Is In A Music Video

Following in the golden footsteps of Evan Geiselman, Luke Davis just became the second pro surfer to star in a popular music video this year. Some lady named Lena Fayre made a song called I Am Not A Man and she couldn’t possibly make the video for it without surfing’s most cherished mug. You can watch the video and hear her sing about not having a dick above — how about Louie’s shirt in the vid? Pure sex, right? And since putting pro surfers in music videos is a thing now, here are three more suggestions for Hollywood. Thank me later, VH1*.

John John Florence in Taylor Swift’s next breakup song video: Went there.
Adriano de Souza in a Passion Pit video: Irony is still funny.
Bede Durbidge in a U2 video: Haven’t worked out the kinks on this one, but he’d definitely have to have his shirt off.

*Do people still watch VH1?