In SURFING’s Movie Issue [February 2011 — out now], we introduce four young filmmakers making rad shit with their Macs and cams. We asked each to share and explain a sample of his work for ya below.

Tyler Manson // Los Angeles, CA

"Last June I was asked to make a series of short films profiling some of Billabong’s surfers, my favorite of which was this revealing ‘I Surf Because…’ short with Andy Irons. I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks with Andy in Indonesia to work on the film and witnessed a humble, positive side of him that shined through in his lengthy interviews. I remember sweating as we spoke into the hot, still evenings about everything from competitive pitfalls and battling inner demons, to his excitement for fatherhood and positive outlook on the future. He spoke to me with the excitement of someone who has been waiting for the right time to share these thoughts and feelings and we were able to give him a platform to just open up. I’ll always remember our boat ride back from Desert Point, where Andy, screaming with excitement and pure joy, couldn’t contain his reaction to what he described as the best session he’d had in six years." —Tyler Manson

Riley Blakeway // Sydney, Australia

NOW is my baby. This year I was awarded a scholarship to the New York Film Academy, but I pretty much put everything aside to make this film, all for the love of it. I feel like the film won’t get the critical acclaim that some of the more commercial films will get, but I couldn’t care less. I still get five emails a day from people telling me how much it makes them want to surf and that to me is more gratifying than anything.” —Riley Blakeway

Ryan Thomas // Huntington Beach, CA

“‘Temporal Collections…’ is a film I’m slowly making in my spare time. I chose to share it here because, compared to all the Volcom films I love making, this is what people have had the least chance to see.” —Ryan Thomas

Victor Pakpour // Laguna Beach, CA

"This video combines all samples of my projects throughout 2010, from co-directing my first music video to Nate’s and Parko’s Innersection segments. This year has taught me loads about filmmaking and editing. I was fortunate to work with some of the top guys. This is only the beginning. I’m looking forward to 2011." —Victor Pakpour