Marc Lacomare // Macaronesia // 3:29

Last winter, Marc Lacomare went on a trip to the Canary Islands. Two fine filmers pointed their lenses at Marc and he stacked more clips than a doomsday prepper stocks tomato paste. His trip ended, and he left satisfied with the footage he’d gathered. Suddenly, misfortune pounded upon Marc’s door. All those fabulous clips were gone! Somehow, someway, they had disappeared and the case was closed. What a tragedy.

Months later, and out of the blue, the clips magically resurfaced. Was it a miracle? A gift from angels? Or maybe just an excuse for not putting out an edit in a timely fashion? The world may never know. One thing is for sure though — that combo at 1:03 is magnificent. Because sometimes, an elaborate lie is the best kind.