Marc and Tika Go Slabhunting in Ireland

What would you do if you were strolling Ireland’s endless hills and stumbled upon this shamrock slab?

Would you:

A. Pretend like you didn’t see it and continue your journey from the safety of land.

B. Point it out to your friend but claim that it looks “too shallow” or “unmakeable”.

C. Run back to the car, throw on your 4/3 and boots and charge the shores.

What you choose is kinda irrelevant, because Marc Lacomare and Tikanui Smith just stole our hearts with a resounding C.

The Frenchman and the Tahitian put on a show for none to see (except a couple cameras), trading bowling left after bowling left in the desolate Irish countryside. This is what surfing is all about — just you and a friend pushing each other to go bigger, deeper, and harder with every approaching set. They get an A for effort in our book.