Mason Ho & Friends // Hawaii // 1:35

Mason Ho’s newest edit just came out on Vimeo with a note from the man himself. It reads:

sorrry no web clips lately!!
been saving clips for a movie that will be on dvd soon. comes out during the U.S. OPEN or the LOWERS OPEN not sure yet. not itunes though,,, cuz that just sounds too legit.

surfers: adam crawford, coco ho, mason ho, mike ho & CHEESEBURGER
filming: rory pringle
dont hurt seals or whales ! or else dirty lickins!

Between that and this 95-second edit, we learn three things:
1) Mason Ho is making a movie (YES).
2) Mason Ho, along with his family and friends, surf really well.
3) Do not harm tussle with marine life.

Fair enough.