Matt Meola, Kai Barger & Albee Layer // The Isle 2 // 8:00

You ever wonder how Matt Meola and Albee Layer spent their summer while Jaws and the North Pacific hibernated? Well here’s an 8-minute long long answer. Matt went to the Maldives with Kai Barger. There, he went fishing and did airs that should have annihilated every ligament in his knee like a lion tearing through a gazelle. But instead, he landed gracefully. Like a swan. Chippa Wilson, you see that lien reverse at 1:39? Meola’s coming for you. Meanwhile, Albee fell in love with girls from California and discovered a two-wheeled diversion. Apart from that, he also gathered clips that would make Dane Reynolds’ brow glisten with sweat. That bing-bang at 6:38 is worthy of a standing ovation. Job well done, Maui boys.