Meet SURFING Magazine Issue 1, 2016 – Featuring the new that air

Featuring the new that air

Meet the SURFING Union. And consider it a call to creatives. As Peter Taras puts it in the issue forward:

In this issue we're shining a light on 30 creatives that serve as the backbone for SURFING. Consider it a Union. And this list is only the beginning. The Union is an inclusive club. We welcome new photographers and videographers (and in some cases, a hybrid of both) with open arms and soon we'll feature them all together on our website. Because the Union is a thing, but it's also a place — a forum where you can view all of these artists together under one umbrella.

This is a starting point to bring some order, clarity and professionalism to the madness of the Internet and photography. This is a return to the roots of surf media. Back to the 1970s when SURFING and Flame worked together with a stellar group of creatives to form a masthead made up of the true leaders of our industry. We're not looking back. We're just using an old concept to forge a new path forward.

The issue, by the way, also happens to feature one of the best airs in the history of surfing on the cover. See the teaser at the end of the video above — more on that coming later this week.