Mick Fanning Ditches The Yellow In Response To Shark Encounter

It’s said that if you make yourself real big and stand your ground, a bear will be deterred from attacking you. It’s also rumored that if you stop eating cheeseburgers, you’ll probably lose a few lbs, but you know, some claims just aren’t worth putting to the test – Mick Fanning can vouch for this first hand. After almost a month since the champ’s fateful encounter with a not-so-gentle giant at J-Bay, Mick has made the smart decision to re-evaluate the color of those bright yum-yum yellow blades he’s been riding. Are sharks attracted to the color? Maybe. There’s a lot of research saying that sharks do in fact see color, but not a whole lot that singles out yellow as one that they’re particularly fond of. But Mick ain’t out to prove a point, so the verdict points toward a quiver makeover and some much-needed peace of mind.