Mick Fanning, Gabriel Medina & Dillon Perillo // California // 2:19

In episode 1 of Rubber Souls, we see three vintage performances from a trio of Rip Curl’s finest. Mick Fanning surfs with the pent-up aggression of Kanye West’s baby at age 40, but with the attention to detail of a neurosurgeon. So angry. So precise. So Mick. We know this video is called Rubber Souls, but could it be possible that Gabriel Medina is all rubber and no soul? He heartlessly burns fellow green man Taylor Clark and goes on to stomp airs with limbs that are so rubbery. Then Dillon Perillo brings us home, at home, in Malibu. His style is relaxed and his tail reigns perfectly free. It is poetry, or at least good surfing.

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