Mick to Retire at Bells

Mick Fanning doesn’t know what to do.

To return to competition in 2017, or to continue his current trend of exploring the world and living life off the cuff?

In this episode of the Occ-Cast, an ambivalent Mick Fanning joins Occy on the Goldcoast. They discuss Mick’s painful 2015, his exciting year of travel and adventure in 2016, and his thoughts on the coming WSL season in 2017. For the latter, Mick is still unsure of whether or not he will compete another full year on tour. “World titles don’t really mean much to me at this point,” Mick told Occ. “All I know for sure is I’ll be surfing Snapper and Bells. It’s my dream to retire at Bells. I’m not sure if it will be this year or when I’m 50, but I really want to end my career there.”