Miguel Pupo looked like one tough cookie heading into the Hurley Pro at Lowers. Airs, carves, combos — the opening surf clips at :30 are enough to beam any judge’s brow with sweat. Lest we forget, Miguel did get the best of John John Florence in Round 1 of the comp. However, in that same heat, eventual runner-up Julian Wilson bested Miggy and so the goofyfooter was sent to Round 2. There, he met Freddy P. and it didn’t end too well for Miguel. We get a glimpse of contest footage at 1:32 and it really makes you wonder how come this cookie wasn’t so tough after all. Once all has been said and done at Lowers, Miguel surfs a beachbreak that looks more appalling than it does appealing. And we must say, however reluctantly, that he gets Miggy with those gloomy bowls.