Miguel Pupo // Portugal // 1:56

You gotta love 2013. Tis the year that many a ‘CTer brings a filmer along to document all their doings both in and out of a jersey. We’ve reaped the benefits of John John Florence doing this, and we’re reaping the benefits of Miguel Pupo doing this. The Brazilian with an undying libido got Miggy with it yet again in Portugal. Miguel tears the beachbreaks apart, buzzing around on rail and thrusting himself above the lip. He can’t contain his excitement on a few waves from the Rip Curl Pro and we so dearly hope the judges rewarded him for those claims. The two freesurf clips at the 1:15 mark are top-notch. We can’t wait to watch him get Miggy with Hawaii and we hope that didn’t sound creepy.

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