Kelly Slater Wave Pool On NBC’s Today Show

If you thought it hadn’t already, Kelly Slater’s man-made creation has most certainly just leaped into the mainstream. That’s right, today on NBC’s Today Show, host Natalie Morales takes a trip out to Lemoore’s most sacred pond for a first-hand report, as well as the first-ever broadcast piece, on the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

NBC, as you may already know, has held the broadcasting rights to the Summer Olympics since 1988. It would not come as a surprise if this was a ploy to promote both surfing’s newest groundbreaking development, as well as pump some popularity into the sport before it’s possible Olympic debut in 2020. And if you needed a more concrete clue, just check that logo in the corner screen. Give things away much, NBC?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 6.23.40 PM

Have a watch at the above piece and judge for yourself. But all conspiracy and controversy aside, it’s a pretty damn unique little video that shows all new angles of this wave that Kelly has so tightly kept under wraps.