Nic Lamb Is A Surfer/Actor

Did you know Nic Lamb — professional big-wave surfer from Santa Cruz — actually lives in Venice Beach? According to this episode of Brainwork (this is a good series — see Anthony Tashnick and Dave Nelson for proof of concept), he not only lives there, but acts in TV commercials (see 10:41). And while we at SURFING aren't huge baseball fans, we do enjoy a good curve ball, and watching Nic do his thing in L.A. is quite intriguing. Mostly because his thing is strapping on a Hannibal Lecter mask when he works out and then immersing himself in a chamber that's 270 degrees below zero. He also, predictably, surfs really big waves really well. Less predictable is his small wave game, which turns out to be incredibly tight (see the 8-minute mark). Brainwork: Nic Lamb has good, diverse surfing and tells a story about someone we want to know more about. Have a watch and then get out of your comfort zone. (Also, in this installment of SURFING's Hidden-Gem Treasure Hunt, see if you can find where Nathan Fletcher calls Nic Pee Wee Herman!)