Noah Beschen // Welcome To Neff // 1:02

The world would be Noah Beschen’s oyster, but only if he was into shellfish. Quite frankly, he’s probably more interested in chicken nuggets. You see, Noah is only 12-years-old. The son of Shane Beschen, Noah’s got picture-perfect form and all the tricks that get team managers hot. He does rail turns that could kill or at least win some big trophies. He lives on the North Shore and surfs hearty Sunset. Yes, the world is Noah Beschen’s chicken nugget. After seeing this video, we decided to call Noah and find out what a 12-year-old makes of this wild world.

SURFING MAGAZINE: Do you read surf magazines or just go to websites?

Noah Beschen: Umm, I still sometimes read magazines. I go to a lot of websites — mag sites, pro blogs and stuff. But for news, I mostly just see everything on Instagram.

Would you rather do a contest or go on a really cool trip?

I like 'em both. Going on trips is super fun, but I still love doing contests. Right now, I only do NSSAs and stuff, but I want to start doing Pro Juniors soon. I only want to do Pro Juniors for a year or two then go right onto the 'QS.

Who is your favorite surfer?

Kelly. Or John John. Probably one of them.

What are your thoughts on this year's WCT?

I watch all the contests! At first, I was thinking Slater was going to win another title, but now I kind of think Mick is going to win. It's so close!

Does your dad help you out a lot?

He's taught me everything I know. My Dad helps me out so much — even with my boards. I was riding a 4'8" for most of my life but then I grew so now I ride bigger boards. And he totally helped me figure that out.

How big is your board now?

Well, it's 4'10″.