North Shore Underground: The Hank Episode

North Shore Underground

The man they call Hana Hank is, in fact, a man now. He was once a boy, as men tend to be — more specifically an Explorer Boy, in the NSSA, where lanky tween Hank elicited fatherly nods from the grom groomers who said, “That one’s going places, mmmmmmm-hmm.” He jetted about to Samoa and Europe and Sri Lanka and the world was his oyster. But then the world became a clam — shut tight and closed off to Hank when his sponsor said Bonsoir! So Hana Hank is back where he started: in the islands, surfing the waves he knows best, building a case for the release of Hank 2.0. He’s underground — but he’s digging, and he can see daylight.