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As a water photographer, your job is simple. All you have to do is capture the right subject, on the right wave, at the exact right moment, at the correct angle, and did I mention you’re going to have to take that 8ft. bomb on the head in order to get the shot? Factor in currents, crowds, and treading water for hours on end and – okay, maybe it’s not too simple after all. But why don’t we just give you the chance to truly appreciate the mayhem first-hand?

For the past four years, SURFING staff photographer Brent Bielmann has had a GoPro mounted atop his camera housing, capturing the raw footage behind every one of his shots. These video clips were stockpiled in the depths of his hard drives, and until now, never collected into one cohesive piece. So spend the above three and a half minutes in Brent’s shoes, or fins for this matter, and absorb yourself in Life In A Bottle.